Bringing Awareness To The Limb Different Community

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month, and there are a lot of ways to celebrate, motivate, and activate! We care deeply about this cause and want to help empower those in the Limb Different Community.

Throughout the month of April, we will be sharing inspirational stories like this in honor of Limb Loss Awareness Month on our social media channels.

Meet Avery, one of 100

We’re excited to introduce Avery, one of the 100.

“Avery is about to turn 10 and has never had a prosthesis before. She would love to use a prosthetic device to be able to do things with both hands. She loves to do crafts and cook.”

Unlimited Tomorrow

No Barriers and Unlimited Tomorrow

We were visited by Mariah from No Barriers USA. Unlimited Tomorrow continues to partner with nonprofits that help empower individuals with physical and nonphysical disabilities.