Unlimited Tomorrow’s mission is to empower amputees with an intuitive scalable model to create personalized devices from start to finish.

Three Pillars


Users First

We cater our products to the user, focusing on your needs before ours.


Enabling The Impossible

Unique thinking leads to incredible ideas. We not only conceptualize new ideas, we make them reality.



When ideas are limited with technology, we strive. Always looking forward, we create technology to match our dreams.


Easton LaChappelle

Easton LaChappelle is the Founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow. After years of developing robotic limbs, he met a small girl at a science fair who had an expensive and limited prosthetic device that changed how he thought about technology. Easton has spent the last six years creating cutting-edge prosthetic technology, innovative delivery mechanisms, and business models to create a scalable and affordable solution for all of those in need.

Sean Jones
Sean Jones

Sean Jones is the Vice President of Business Development at Unlimited Tomorrow. A lifelong technology entrepreneur, he has nearly two decades of experience in sales, operations, strategic partnerships, and business development. Sean oversees the enterprise partnership program and continues to secure meaningful relationships with the goal of providing proper care and technology around the world.

Alex Malcoci
Alex Malcoci

Alex Malcoci is the Product Design Manager at Unlimited Tomorrow. He spent years honing his skills in the aerospace and robotics fields before making the switch to prosthetic devices. Alex has spent the last two years developing designs and processes to deliver cutting-edge manufacturing methods and advances to those who can benefit most from them.


Unlimited Tomorrow is a business for people, powered by people. We chose to turn to crowdfunding and partnerships rather than venture capital money to stay true to this mission. Conventionally, it can take tens of millions of dollars to start a medical device company. By creating meaningful relationships, we can gain millions of dollars in value to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Unlimited Tomorrow’s Enterprise Partnership Programs allows big and small companies, foundations, and non-profits to partner with Unlimited Tomorrow to help develop technology, grow our infrastructure, tell amazing stories and bring this technology to the people who need it most.


100 High Tech Prosthetics for 100 Amazing Amputees

Create a new tomorrow for 30 million amputees around the world by funding one hundred 3D printed, ultralight, AI enhanced high tech prosthetic arms with individually moving fingers and force feedback for one hundred amazing and tenacious amputees today.


Unlimited Tomorrow is a people business powered by the people for the people

In 2018 Unlimited Tomorrow broke records and raised $1.568M in under 30 days. MicroVentures is an equity crowdfunding website offering investments in early-stage companies. MicroVentures connects accredited investors with startups, businesses, and services looking to raise funds or participate in select secondary market opportunities.