Unlimited Tomorrow’s mission is to deliver prosthetics globally to enhance the quality of lives of amputees.

Three Pillars


Users First

We cater our products to the user, focusing on your needs before ours.


Enabling The Impossible

Unique thinking leads to incredible ideas. We not only conceptualize new ideas, we make them reality.



When ideas are limited with technology, we strive. Always looking forward, we create technology to match our dreams.

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Easton Lachapelle

Easton Lachapelle

At 18, Easton founded Unlimited Tomorrow, which is developing technology to assist people in their everyday lives such as 3-d printed robotic arms.

When Easton was 14, he made his first robotic hand out of LEGOs, fishing wire and electrical tubing. With gradual improvements, the hand turned into an arm and then advanced to a 3D-printed brain-powered robotic arm that he could operate with his mind. After an encounter with a 7-year-old girl at a science fair whose prosthetic arm had cost $80,000, LaChappelle was inspired to solve this problem by creating a practical and affordable device. Not only were his designs amazing, but his young age in addition to his self-taught knowledge of robotics started to make an impact. President Obama shook hands with one of his arms, and Easton has traveled the world spreading the message that you can learn outside of the education system. For example, he was invited to share his story on the TED stage (see below). He’s even worked at NASA on the Robonaut project developing a new tele-robotic interface.

Now, 23, Easton is growing Unlimited Tomorrow and creating technology to help people at a global level using the newest technologies. On June 12th, 2017 Unlimited Tomorrow put the first device on a small 10-year-old girl named Momo.


Easton Lachapelle

Founder, CEO, Board Member

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Founding Partner

Karl Lindborg

Certified Prosthetist, Orthotist (CPO), Advisor

Sean Jones

VP Business Development

Alex Malcoci

Product Design Manager

Stephanie Almasi

VP of Marketing

Samantha Manetta

Office Manager

Strahinja Ciric

Embedded Software Engineer

Tahir Omar

Manufacturing Technician

Kornelis Poort

Electronic Product Design Engineer

Matthew Landolfa

Mechanical Design Engineer

Nikita Nekrasov

Full-Stack Developer

Alex Thiry

Electro-Mechanical Assembler/Technician