Join Unlimited Tomorrow At The Lucky Fin Project Weekend

We will be attending and showcasing our technology at the upcoming Lucky Fin Project Weekend in Troy, Michigan, July 12th-14th.

Lucky Fin Project Weekend is an opportunity for families who have someone with a hand or upper limb difference to get together to share, network, and celebrate their differences as a community.

Meet Charles, one of 100

“My name is Charles, I’m seven years old, and I’m in second grade. I’m in Cub Scouts, and I want to be an Eagle Scout someday. My favorite subjects are math, science, reading, and recess. I like to make up games and movies that I play with my friends at recess. I’m really good at drawing too. My favorite things to draw are Mario Bros. and the Avengers. It doesn’t bother me that my arm is different; it’s no big deal. I’m just like everybody else except that my arm is different.”

Diabetes can’t slow down NBC’s “Titan” contestant Chris Ruden

Chris Ruden has a congenital birth defect that left him with only 2 fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm. Nineteen years into battling his physical situation, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Chris now inspires others to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition.