The Road to Tomorrow — A letter from Easton LaChappelle

Unlimited Tomorrow

To our Supporters,

Thank you. For making the 100 Tomorrows campaign a success. For sharing in our mission to bring down the barriers between amputees and the lives they want to live.

The objective was simple — raise the funding for 100 of our next-generation prosthetics, to be given to 100 individuals by the end of 2019. But funding was only part of the story.

More than just hitting a financial target, we wanted to build a community of technologists, lifestyle enthusiasts and others that shared our passion.

You showed up. You carried this campaign across the finish line. And you demonstrated your belief in us to deliver on this ambition.

200+ backers, 100 prosthetics, countless possibilities

At the heart of this campaign were a handful of major supporters who, in many cases, doubled down on their commitment to the future of Unlimited Tomorrow.

​Arrow Electronics gave us the largest single contribution it has ever made to a crowdfunding campaign. Separately, the Fortune 500 company named our technology Arrow Certified and joined forces as our electronics components partner.

“We at Arrow enjoy collaborating with incredible entrepreneurs like Easton as they bring their technology products to life. It is wonderful to recognize the Unlimited Tomorrow team in this way and look forward to seeing the impact of their organization in the community.” Rachel Oborny, Global Business Development Manager, Arrow Electronics

​The European software firm Dassault Systèmes signed on as our official 3D modeling software partner, making a sizable contribution.

In addition to Arrow and Dassault, founding partner Tony Robbins also reaffirmed his support for our work, seeding our campaign as a Diamond Backer.

“This campaign will continue to deliver on a vision to provide state-of-the-art prosthetic devices to millions of people all over the world.
​Unlimited Tomorrow has the potential to change lives and have a real global impact.”

​-Tony Robbins

​Sean Callagy, principal at Callagy Law, funded the development of 10 prosthetics through the Callagy Foundation.

Product development: On the move
Things are going to move quickly around here.

We’re currently putting the final pieces of our manufacturing setup in place. Once we hit the switch, we’ll be in a position to produce the prosthetics quickly.

It’s an impressive feat, considering the unique engineering that goes into every limb. Remember, these are prosthetics that are customized to each individual, with the shape, weight, skin tone, movement, and form all modeled to a recipient’s own body.

The technology we’ve put together make it all possible. With support from Arrow, Dassault, and Microsoft, we’re able to scan, design and model prosthetics with speed and accuracy. We’re also going to be one of the first five recipients of HP’s next-generation 3D printers.

We expect to begin delivering these 100 prosthetic devices later this summer and continue through the rest of 2019.

Who will the First 100 be?

Our list of recipients has grown in recent months, but there’s still room to be part of the First 100.

We’re looking for individuals from all walks of life who want to help turn the extraordinary into the ordinary. From playing music to exploring dance to handling everyday tasks with ease, our recipients are excited about the possibilities that our next-generation prosthetics will enable.

The requirements are simple: just a genuine need and desire.

The group is open to people of all ages and economic backgrounds. If you’d like to apply or nominate someone, visit us at

Tomorrow is almost here

The fundraising is complete, but the work of creating a million new tomorrows for amputees around the world has just started. There’s always room to join us in our mission — your support, in all forms, is the force behind our success.

As we head towards our first delivery, you can follow our progress through our newsletter and social media channels. And we’ll be sure to let you know when the printers have started cranking.

We can’t thank you enough. Because of you, 100 Tomorrows are just days closer.