Offer TrueLimb in Your Practice

Would you like to offer your patients the latest in upper limb prosthetic technology without adding any extra overhead cost to your business? Unlimited Tomorrow is partnering with clinicians across North America to provide TrueLimb as an upper limb solution in their practices. Now you can harness the power of digital fitting and 3D printing, and easily provide an ultra-personalized advanced prosthetic arm to your patients — all with no additional equipment or training on your part.

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Upper Limb Expertise

Unlimited Tomorrow has devoted years to upper limb research and development, resulting in an industry-first production and distribution method. Our clinical partnership lets you add this depth of knowledge to your practice with minimal effort.

High Adoption Rates

At 1.5 lbs, TrueLimb is the lightest bionic arm in existence. Combine that with its realistic appearance and ease of use, and you’ve got a prosthetic arm you can confidently offer to patients with the knowledge they will genuinely love to use it.

All-In-One Partner

Unlimited Tomorrow is the only company in North America that offers prosthetic production and support under the same roof. Any needs that you or a patient may have — they all get handled in the same place.

Unprecedented Personalization

Every TrueLimb is completely unique. Our digital measurement system allows us to create a mirror image of your patient’s opposing arm, which we produce in one of the hundreds of skin tones and colors that your patient can choose from.

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Why People Love TrueLimb


With six intuitive grips and TrueSense™ technology in every socket, TrueLimb’s control system taps into the natural anatomy of the user.

Natural Appearance

No other bionic arm is made to match like TrueLimb.


With its breathable, sweat-proof socket design and incredible 1.5 lb. weight, TrueLimb is made for all-day wear


3D printed with industrial-strength PA12 nylon and powered by space-grade motors, TrueLimb is heavily tested to take a beating

Low Cost

Every TrueLimb includes scanning, fitting support, check sockets, 2-year warranty, and all shipping costs — all for the lowest price of any device in its class

Unlimited Support

From small questions to major repairs, our entire team is dedicated to our users’ success. We’re just a phone (or video) call away — all at no extra cost.