Pioneering a better way to purchase affordable prosthetics

Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, we are able to deliver a completely remote, all-in-one solution. This industry first, direct to consumer approach to advanced prosthetics gives you the ability to obtain your socket and limb, in less time, without ever having to leave home.

How it works

TrueLimb - Process Step #1

Step 1

First, you fill out an eligibility form and provide information about your residual limb. Once accepted, a 3D scanner is shipped to you to 3D scan your residual limb.

Step 2

From these scans, a set of test sockets is designed, made, and sent to you. Once you receive the test sockets, a video consultation is scheduled to assess comfort and fit. Iterations will be made until optimal comfort is achieved.
TrueLimb - Process Step #2
TrueLimb - Process Step #3

Step 3

Your personalized device is manufactured and tested.

Step 4

Your prosthetic arm is shipped to you and you can begin training your arm so it understands your muscles.

TrueLimb - Process Step #4