Pioneering a better way to purchase affordable prosthetics

Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, we are able to deliver a completely remote, all-in-one solution. This industry first, direct to consumer approach to advanced prosthetics gives you the ability to obtain your socket and limb, in less time, without ever having to leave home.

How it works

Our Process in Action



This thing is a game changer! Jenny received hers last week. When she opened the box she burst into tears. She lost her left arm in a near-fatal accident about a year ago. This product has already changed our lives. Thank you to this team for making her smile again. There is so much hope for our family now and nothing she can’t do.


I wish I could have had video footage of me doing fittings with the prosthetics I used growing up. Not that that was bad, but this is just so completely different. We’re doing it on screens — they’re in New York and I’m here, and it is blowing my mind. 


I can’t thank Unlimited Tomorrow and its entire staff for your countless hours of hard work to give individuals like myself the ability to look down and see a hand. It’s been a very emotional day and I can’t thank you enough for bringing this blessing into my life.