Receive a Completely Personalized Prosthetic Arm Without Ever Leaving Home

Unlimited Tomorrow’s in-house clinical team uses the latest technology to fit, create, ship, and care for your prosthesis. You can find out if you’re qualified in a few quick steps, and receive a completely personalized prosthetic arm without ever leaving home. The result is an exquisitely designed bionic arm that you’ll never want to take off, because it was made just for you.


Direct, convenient, fast, and supportive, we’re delivering the future of prosthetics by putting you first


Incredibly functional, remarkably intuitive, ultra comfortable, and made to match your exact size and skin tone

Our Promise

Unlimited care and support are effortless — and included — so you can sleep well at night knowing our team is always there for you


The most affordable prosthetic arm in the world — now with a risk-free 30-day trial and upgrade program for children

Meet TrueLimb®




TrueLimb is a mirror image of your opposing limb, right down to the fingertips. 3D printing enables us to create TrueLimb in over 450 skin tones, at an ultralightweight 1.5 pounds. This is the first time this level of personalization and comfort has been available in a prosthetic arm. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics.


Our Process

Our Process

Intuitive Grips

The Future at Your Fingertips

A complete selection of intuitive grips bring balance and ease to your daily life

Bionic strength with a delicate touch

TrueLimb’s independent finger joints move in tandem with its six adaptive grips, conforming to every object you come in contact with

Intuitive Grips

The Future at Your Fingertips

Personalized & Made to Match

We create your TrueLimb to be an exact mirror image of your opposing arm, right down to the fingertips.

With 450 skin tones to choose from, TrueLimb is the only bionic arm that blends right in.

Battery For Days

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USB-C charging lets you power up in a snap

The freedom to go all day on a single charge

Live life without worry — a battery that can finally keep up with your lifestyle


TrueSense™ Technology

An array of up to 36 ultra-precise sensors embedded in each unique socket provide 360-degree coverage of your residual limb. Control is always intuitive, regardless of your muscle location.

Intuitive Control

Each sensor is perfectly calibrated to your unique muscle sites. Using our TrueSense technology, your device fuses with your anatomy to form one cohesive unit.

Sense of Touch

Ultra-precise vibrations give you little cues when your arm makes contact with objects, providing a sense of touch. Before you know it, you’ll be operating without thinking.


Breathable Sockets

An open design that lets the air flow through for all day comfort.

Lightweight Design

At an ultralight 1.5 pounds, TrueLimb is the lightest bionic arm in existence.


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TrueLimb is created out of super strong PA12 nylon using some of the most advanced 3D printers in the world.

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Our Promise to You

Unlimited Tomorrow’s innovative remote fitting process makes it easy for you to receive a one of a kind device without ever leaving your own home. We take pride in finding the perfect socket for you so you can live each day with comfort and confidence.

TrueLimb is the most affordable prosthetic device in the market.