Changing the Prosthetics Industry

We like to say that TrueLimb is more than a prosthetic device, it’s an extension of you. But in many ways, that doesn’t do it justice. TrueLimb is changing the prosthetics industry. It isn’t simply the most affordable bionic arm on the market — it’s the first of its kind. A revolutionary distribution model, fitting process, and production method that all come together to create the most personal, most accessible bionic arm ever made.

Direct to Consumer

At our core, we strive to be a user-first company. This mission extends far beyond our product. During the research phase of TrueLimb, we realized that many upper limb amputees have to travel a significant distance to find a prosthetic office that will work with them. We saw this as an opportunity to enhance the user experience and increase accessibility.

After years of development, we’ve created an entirely new distribution model for the prosthetics industry. TrueLimb can be purchased directly on our website. It is shipped directly to you. The total cost is disclosed upfront. There are no hidden fees or unexpected bills. It’s the first time this level of openness has ever existed in the prosthetics industry. And it’s the first reason that TrueLimb is such a game-changing device.

Remote Fitting Process

The second component to our industry-first distribution model is our method for fitting and delivering personalized prostheses. As we’ve all discovered recently, many things we used to do in person can easily be done virtually. Telehealth in particular has made significant advancements. Unlimited Tomorrow has harnessed and created new technology to introduce the prosthetic industry’s first remote fitting process.

Not only are we the first company to introduce a remote fitting process, we’re also the only company that both fits and produces prosthetic devices. This includes acquiring the limb geometry, creating test sockets, remote evaluations and testing, device delivery, and device training. In short, it enables you to acquire a completely personalized prosthetic device from the comfort of your own home. We had to create new forms of technology and create a world-class team to achieve this. This allows you to save time, be safe, and get on a first-name basis with the team creating your personalized prosthesis.


Every TrueLimb is unique. We create your device individually using advanced 3D printing techniques. There are no sizes — TrueLimb is an exact mirror image of your opposing limb, right down to the fingertips. In addition to that, 3D printing enables us to create TrueLimb in over 450 skin tones. This is the first time this level of personalization has been available in the prosthetics industry. It means that your bionic arm blends in. It becomes part of you, rather than a device that draws attention. And most important, it’s made just for you. Because a device that will be this personal to you should feel like a part of you.


Weight is one of the most important factors in the successful adoption of upper limb prosthetic devices. The more a bionic arm weighs, the more difficult it is to use it for extended periods of time. Even small increases in weight can have large impacts on comfort.

We designed TrueLimb to be the most comfortable bionic arm on the market. To achieve that goal, we’ve made it ultralightweight. At 1.5 pounds, TrueLimb is the lightest bionic arm on the market. That includes the hand, forearm, socket, electronics, and battery — everything is 1.5 pounds. In fact, all of TrueLimb’s components combined weigh far less than most prosthetic hands weigh. This means that you can wear TrueLimb with ease for as long as you need. But don’t worry, just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. TrueLimb can take a beating.

Multi-Day Battery Life

You can’t create an all-day-wear device without an all-day-use battery. In order for a bionic arm to truly become an extension of you, it needs to become worry free. And that means removing the worry of a dead battery. With the introduction of the industry’s first multi-day battery, we’ve completely removed this problem. This means you can go camping overnight and don’t have to think about whether or not your device will work when you wake up. Kids can go to sleepovers without bringing a charger. It’s a little convenience that goes a long way to making TrueLimb the extension of you we designed it to be.

USB-C Charging

This may seem like a minor feature, but if you’ve ever lost a charger, you know how inconvenient it can be. Every other prosthetic device on the market uses a proprietary charger, which means it is only available from the company that makes the prosthesis. We use USB-C charging. If you ever lose the one we supply, chances are you have another cable lying around the house. And if you don’t, you can easily purchase another one at a local convenience store.


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