Take Control of Your
Prosthetic Journey

For the First Time Ever, You Have the Option to Use Virtual Clinical Appointments to Purchase a Completely Personalized, Bionic Prosthetic Arm Without Ever Leaving Home

Unlimited Tomorrow’s in-house clinical team uses the latest technology to fit, create, ship, and care for your prosthesis. You can find out if you’re qualified in a few quick steps, and receive a completely personalized prosthetic arm without ever leaving home. The result is an exquisitely designed bionic arm that you’ll never want to take off, because it was made just for you.

Direct, convenient, fast, and supportive, we’re delivering the future of prosthetics by putting you first

Incredibly functional, remarkably intuitive, ultra comfortable, and made to match your exact size and skin tone

Unlimited care and support are effortless — and included — so you can sleep well at night knowing our team is always there for you

The most affordable prosthetic arm in the world — now with a risk-free 30-day trial and upgrade program for children

Our Promise to You

Unlimited Tomorrow’s innovative remote fitting process makes it easy for you to receive a one of a kind device without ever leaving your own home. Our clinical team takes great pride in working with you through the entire process of receiving TrueLimb. From the initial consultation to your socket fitting, all the way to the adoption of TrueLimb. We are here for you before, during, and after the delivery of your TrueLimb all at no extra cost.

TrueLimb is the most affordable prosthetic device on the market.

Our Process

Our Process

The Most Affordable Bionic Arm



Other bionic arms

$20,000 to $80,000


We’ve created an industry-first method for obtaining a prosthetic limb, you can learn more by visiting our Process page. Our Process

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Included in your payment of $7,995 is your remote 3D scan, a complete set of check sockets, breathable, personalized socket, your personalized TrueLimb, free express shipping, and 1/2 price device upgrade for all children.

We assess each individual as every case is unique. To find out if TrueLimb is right for you,  you can get started here. Am I a candidate?

What makes TrueLimb different from other myoelectric devices is that TrueLimb’s socket is embedded with more sensors than required in order to ensure contact with your muscles for more successful grip activation.