Coming Summer 2020!

Happy May, everyone! We know that the last several weeks have been challenging for both individuals and businesses alike. We sincerely hope everyone is doing well and has found ways to navigate our new “normal”. We have taken this opportunity to become more involved in our beautiful community. By working with our local hospitals, we have been able to assist in the manufacturing of face shields for our healthcare heroes. Although our involvement may be limited, we are grateful to take part in the effort to safeguard those individuals who are working tirelessly to keep us safe.

When Unlimited Tomorrow was founded, we believed that remote technology could drive the future of the prosthetics industry. Our dream was to eliminate barriers and make technology-driven, advanced prosthetic devices affordable and accessible to the limb different community. We wanted to eliminate obstacles such as, distance between the client and their prosthetist, lengthy fitting process, and long build times. By using 3D scanning, remote socket evaluations, and 3D printing, we are now breaking down these barriers with our innovative technology. At no other time has our vision been clearer, or the need for this technology been more relevant! Because of our fully remote-based fitting process, we have been able to continue our testing phase with little to no interruptions.

Based on our current trajectory, we are excited to announce that we expect our device to be available this summer! Thanks to the efforts of our product testers and the dedication of our Unlimited Tomorrow team, we are closer than ever to a world filled with Unlimited Tomorrows.


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