Unlimited Tomorrow History Timeline

The History of Unlimited Tomorrow: Part II

2017 – Microsoft and MOMO

2017 would become a momentous year for Unlimited Tomorrow. This would be the year Easton received the faithful call from the M.U.C.H. Foundation and the first introduction to a girl named Momo. It would be Momo who allowed Easton to test his technologies’ ability to be adapted for prosthetic use. Having Momo use an Xbox Kinect to scan her residual limb, Easton was able to receive scans and began the process of creating a one-of-a-kind device for her without ever meeting in person. Unfortunately, there were challenges using such a new technology and untested technique. However, Microsoft caught wind of this new, innovative use of their technology and eagerly approached Easton with a proposition. Rather than work out of his garage with limited resources, they suggest Easton packed up a mobile lab and moved out to Seattle to work in Microsoft’s research and development building. Of course, Easton could not pass up the chance to work with Microsoft and gain access to some of the most advanced technology in the world. After working through many trials and tribulations, in 2017, Momo finally received her Unlimited Tomorrow arm. This success, once again, thrust Easton and Unlimited Tomorrow into the spotlight. Becoming one of the first prosthetic companies to replicate a limb using only 3D scanning, they received worldwide recognition in a Microsoft documentary sharing Momo and Unlimited Tomorrow’s journey together. With this success and growing support from both the corporate community and individuals, the reality of full-scale product production was almost in reach. 


2018 would become a real turning point for Unlimited Tomorrow. With Momo’s arm complete and millions of individuals still in need, Unlimited Tomorrow turned to crowdfunding for the next major part of their journey. In less than 30 days, they would raise $1.6 million towards funding a full-scale production line. Additionally, they would undertake the massive job of moving their Headquarters from rural Colorado to the Hudson Valley region of New York. That same year they would go on to crowdfund an additional half a million dollars and partner with HP to test their new additive manufacturing machine, and received one out of only 10 available HP 580 3D color printers. 


With a location and production team secured, it was time for Unlimited Tomorrow to really flex their muscles and show the world what the future looked like. In 2019, they announced the launch of their 100 Tomorrow Campaign. Inviting 100 limb different individuals in need of a below the elbow prosthetic to apply to be a part of an elite test group. The 100 Tomorrows Group would be the first to receive an Unlimited Tomorrow arm and play an invaluable role in providing feedback to refine the device further.


With the 100 Tomorrows test phase in full swing, Unlimited Tomorrow projects a full product release in 2020. As their internal team grows and partnerships flourish, Unlimited Tomorrow sees endless potential ahead of them. Recognizing the worldwide need for a technology-driven, accessible, prosthetic device, Unlimited Tomorrow is positioning themselves to become a global prosthetic manufacturer.  With a team of engineers working day in and day out to ensure ease of use, comfort, and overall reliability, the world waits to see the true potential of a world full of unlimited tomorrows. 


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