TrueLimb is Affordable. Yes, Seriously.

At Unlimited Tomorrow we are regularly asked about our pricing. How can we possibly make a high-functioning bionic prosthetic arm for just a fraction of the cost of other similar devices? It’s a perfectly valid question and one that is worth taking the time to explain. So, we’ve created this helpful infographic to explain everything that is included and how we are able to keep our price so low.

It is also worth noting that our pricing is intentional and aligned with our mission, which states that we will challenge ourselves to use all available technology and resources to make the highest quality, lowest cost prosthetic arms in the world. Our Founder and CEO, Easton LaChappelle, has said: “There was a specific moment in my life where I said, ‘You know, this is simply unacceptable’ and I dedicated my life to creating better prosthetic technology.”

So, yes, TrueLimb is affordable, and it is also intuitive, high-functioning, durable, and lightweight. For more specific pricing details we invite you to find out if you are a candidate and from there you can schedule time with us to learn more.




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