Unlimited Tomorrow to Unveil Groundbreaking Prosthetic Personalization and Distribution Process at “The Future of Prosthetics is Here” Virtual Live Event on April 21

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RHINEBECK, N.Y., April, 2021 — Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc., a medical device company producing advanced, personalized prosthetic devices based in Dutchess County, announced it will be hosting a virtual live event, “The Future of Prosthetics is Here,” on April 21 at 2pm EST with the title sponsor being Siemens. This event will showcase the company’s industry-first approach to creating and distributing ultra-personalized prostheses at a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics. For the first time, you can receive a personalized prosthetic device from the comfort of your own home.

Unlimited Tomorrow is harnessing the power of 3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and virtual communications to introduce a completely remote approach to the creation and distribution of prosthetic devices. This approach is central to the success of TrueLimb®, the company’s next-generation prosthetic arm that was launched in June, 2020. The company will detail this approach, and why it is essential to a future of accessibility and affordability, at the April 21 event. 

“I started Unlimited Tomorrow to create the technology, infrastructure, relationships, and distribution model to bring a new prosthetic limb and other assistive technology to the world,” said Unlimited Tomorrow Founder and CEO, Easton LaChappelle. “Seven years later, I am thrilled to show the world what we have made possible here. This event is not a product launch. The future is about far more than a device. What we are achieving is a paradigm shift. With 40 million amputees worldwide, our user-first approach brings costs way down and dramatically increases access, all without sacrificing quality.

“The past year has seen a dramatic acceleration in the world of virtual communications,” continued LaChappelle. “We’ve all discovered there are many things we used to do in person that can now be done virtually. Unlimited Tomorrow is accelerating this notion even further. Quite simply, what we are doing has never been done. But it is certain to be a roadmap for many products and industries.”

Unlimited Tomorrow has now enabled, for the first time, someone with a limb difference to receive a personalized prosthetic limb from the comfort of their own home. The product, TrueLimb®, is exactly sized to the person and matches their skin tone perfectly. TrueLimb® is a robotic, multi-articulating prosthesis that has individual finger control and advanced muscle sensors, is ultra-lightweight, and offers a sense of touch. At $7,995, TrueLimb costs nearly 80% less than other solutions. An upgrade program is also available for growing children at just 50% of the retail price.

Unlimited Tomorrow is proud to announce its Title Sponsor, Siemens, which provides Unlimited Tomorrow with the cutting-edge software used to design such personalized devices, as well as its Nonprofit Sponsors, The Lucky Fin Project, and No Barriers. These advocacy organizations amplify the voices of the limb different community and Unlimited Tomorrow is very grateful for their support.

The Future of Prosthetics is Here is live on April 21, 2021 at 2PM EST. You can RSVP to attend here: https://www.unlimitedtomorrow.com/live-event-rsvp/. To learn more about Unlimited Tomorrow and TrueLimb® visit: https://www.unlimitedtomorrow.com.


Media Contact

Sean Jones
Unlimited Tomorrow, Inc.
Vice President of Business Development
Phone: (877) 250-5637


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