Why Is Awareness of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Important?

April is limb loss and limb difference awareness month. In honor of this, we decided to ask some of our friends from the limb loss and limb different community why they think awareness of limb loss and limb difference is important. Here’s what they said!


Alexis Hillyard Stump Kitchen

“When the people around us have seen, learned about, or engaged in meaningful ways with folks with limb differences, then their awareness grows and expands. This awareness makes the world more accessible, kind, and embracing of folks with limb differences, and that’s why I love LDAM – it helps to grow people’s education and awareness!”

– Alexis Hillyard, creator of Stump Kitchen, a YouTube Channel that celebrates body diversity and disability in the kitchen.



Blake Tucker TrueLimb Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm“I think limb loss awareness is important because it can bring attention to something easily overlooked. In my experience I have adapted well to the point where people don’t see a difference or think I don’t struggle.”

– Blake Tucker




Cristie Grey Limb Loss Awareness Advocate“Limb difference difference is important to me because it sheds light on a different type of ‘normal’ and the life we live.”

– Cristie Grey, amputee, mother, and passionate disability advocate.




Jessica Brito TrueLimb Prosthetic Arm“I think awareness of limb loss and limb difference is so important, because I think it’s critical for people who have a limb difference to know they aren’t alone and that they matter. Just because they are different, doesn’t negate the fact that they should be valued, loved and respected. I also think it’s important to bring awareness because there are still so many changes that are needed for our community, when it comes to things like our rights, dealing with bullying, navigating insurance companies, etc. Awareness also helps others know the things we face on a daily basis!”

– Jessica Brito



Jonathan Snyder TrueLimb Bionic Arm“To inspire others to be more understanding & to promote equality.”

Jonathan Snyder, Director of Golf for the United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA), and adaptive golfer who recently won the NAOAGA Regional in January of 2020




Julie Murzynski Limb Difference Awareness“I think limb difference awareness is important because it allows for a celebration of our differences. When people, especially children, see others who are different, they start to perceive the world differently. My mission is to impact the hearts of children by celebrating my difference.”

Julie Murzynski




Kiersten Kelly Limb Difference Awareness Advocate“More than not, we are left out of Inclusion and Diversity conversations. While things are changing, we are predominately not represented in Film & TV or the fashion industry. If we are, it comes with stereotypes that society has created for people with disabilities. All of this needs to change, and it starts with awareness.”

Kiersten Kelly, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, actor and model



Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts! Learn more about what Unlimited Tomorrow is doing for Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness month here.


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